25 Movies Similar to “This Is Where I Leave You”

If you enjoyed the heartfelt comedy-drama “This Is Where I Leave You,” you’re likely on the lookout for similar films that capture its blend of humor, family dynamics, and emotional depth. Here’s a curated list of 25 movies that share thematic elements or tone with this beloved film:

1. “The Family Stone”

In this comedy-drama, a free-spirited family comes together during the holidays, leading to unexpected revelations and emotional moments.

2. “August: Osage County”

A dysfunctional family reunites after a crisis, delving into their past and confronting deep-seated resentments.

3. “Little Miss Sunshine”

Follow the quirky and dysfunctional Hoover family as they embark on a road trip to support their daughter’s dream of winning a beauty pageant.

4. “The Descendants”

After a tragic accident, a man navigates through family secrets and challenges while reconnecting with his daughters.

5. “Garden State”

A young man returns home for his mother’s funeral, reuniting with old friends and confronting his past.

6. “Dan in Real Life”

Steve Carell stars as a widower trying to navigate love and family dynamics during a weekend reunion.

7. “The Way Way Back”

A teenager finds solace and friendship during a summer vacation with his mother and her overbearing boyfriend.

8. “The Hollars”

John Krasinski directs and stars in this comedy-drama about a man returning to his hometown and reconnecting with his dysfunctional family.

9. “Crazy, Stupid, Love”

This romantic comedy intertwines multiple storylines about love, family, and self-discovery.

10. “Parenthood”

Based on the 1989 film, this TV series explores the ups and downs of a multigenerational family navigating life’s challenges.

11. “Home for the Holidays”

Directed by Jodie Foster, this film follows a woman dealing with family drama during a Thanksgiving reunion.

12. “The Kids Are All Right”

A same-sex couple’s family dynamic is disrupted when their children seek out their biological father.

13. “Rachel Getting Married”

Anne Hathaway delivers a powerful performance as a woman struggling with addiction and family tensions during her sister’s wedding.

14. “Pieces of April”

Katie Holmes stars as a young woman hosting her estranged family for Thanksgiving dinner in this touching indie film.

15. “We’re the Millers”

In this comedy, a dysfunctional “family” pretends to be on vacation as part of a smuggling scheme.

16. “Family Fang”

Sibling rivalry and artistic expression take center stage in this film about a dysfunctional family of performance artists.

17. “The Skeleton Twins”

Twins reconnect after a decade apart, confronting their troubled past and trying to rebuild their relationship.

18. “Beginners”

A man copes with his father’s revelation of coming out as gay late in life while navigating his own romantic relationships.

19. “Lars and the Real Girl”

Ryan Gosling stars as a socially awkward man who introduces his family to his unconventional girlfriend—a lifelike doll.

20. “Running with Scissors”

Based on the memoir, this dark comedy follows a teenager’s tumultuous upbringing in a dysfunctional family.

21. “The Squid and the Whale”

Two brothers cope with their parents’ divorce and their father’s struggling writing career in this indie gem.

22. “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)”

Adam Sandler leads an ensemble cast in this dramedy about adult siblings navigating their relationships with their artist father.

23. “The Royal Tenenbaums”

Wes Anderson’s quirky film follows a dysfunctional family of geniuses as they navigate love, loss, and reconciliation.

24. “Brothers”

Tensions rise between two brothers when one returns home from war, testing family bonds and loyalty.

25. “The Big Chill”

Old friends reunite for a weekend after the death of a mutual friend, reflecting on their past and present lives.

These movies offer a diverse range of stories and characters, but they all share the same emotional depth and exploration of family dynamics that made “This Is Where I Leave You” such a memorable film. Whether you’re in the mood for comedy, drama, or a blend of both, these recommendations are sure to satisfy your craving for heartfelt storytelling.

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