Divorce In Utah –a Complete guide

Sandy divorce attorney

In Utah, divorce occurs for various reasons. Common grounds can include violence, financial problems, infertility, etc. Sometimes, there can be irreconcilable conflicts, too, when both partners have differences that cannot be resolved by means. In such cases, it is better to hire a professional. 

If one spouse wants to file for divorce and the other does not agree, then also they can hire a family law attorney. Hiring a lawyer who is well aware of the local laws in Sandy, Utah, is important. An expert Sandy divorce attorney is a professional who can help you with the complexities of your case. 

List of common grounds for divorce in Utah –

  • Infertility 

There are times when one of the spouses finds out about the impotence of their partner. If it has been hidden from them before marriage, this can lead to further conflicts. Hiding it can also lead to divorce once they find out. Hence, it is important to be truthful about everything before marriage. The impotence should have been there at the time of marriage and continue to exist till the time of divorce. 

  • Prolonged conflicts

There are times when long-time conflicts bring no resolution for both partners. In such cases, it is seen that no matter how much they try, they get no result. Moreover, it comes under no-fault ground for divorce. This means the spouses do not blame each other. They know and accept that the marriage is no longer working out. Hence, file for a divorce.  

  • Committing Infidelity 

If a partner is caught cheating, they may want to end the marriage. It takes place when a partner has an extramarital affair. It is one of the many grounds that lead to a divorce in Utah. However, the partner will need evidence to prove it in court. 

  • Leaving without an intent to return 

One of the partners leaves the home without the consent of the other. When they leave, they must not be intending to come back. Moreover, they should be gone for a long time. In such cases, it can lead to a divorce. 

  • Drug or alcohol addiction 

If any of the partners is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can severely impact the marriage. It adversely affects the relationship with the spouse and children as well. However, the substance abuse must be prolonged. There should be signs of it affecting the marriage. In such cases, one can file a divorce. 

  • Financial crises in the family

It is seen that financial crises are many times a reason for divorce. Sometimes, it can be the irresponsible and neglectful nature of the spouse, too. Not paying attention to the needs of your partner and children can become a cause for divorce. 

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