What to Do If Bed Bugs are Infesting Your Home in Portland

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Keeping bed bugs out of your house can be challenging, particularly if you tend to travel a lot or purchase used items. But if you do not want these pesky insects in your house, searching for Portland exterminator is always an option and they are available to help you eliminate these bugs. The best exterminator has the experience and expertise to remedy your bug issue for good. 

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are quite sneaky. They can infest your house hitchhiking in luggage, clothing, used furniture, or other items you may carry or wear. Once they are inside, they set up camp right away and start breeding. Because they are quite small, you may not be able to see them. Also, bed bugs are good at hiding. These pests can squeeze their bodies into hard-to-reach spots until you are asleep. So, how would you know there are bed bugs in your house?

Although you might not spot the bugs themselves, you can notice signs of their presence. These signs include tiny brown spots on your bedding or sheets, bites that appear in clusters or lines, bug bodies or exoskeletons, and eggs that look like small sesame seeds.

Why Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Bed bugs feed on blood, so they bite you while you are sleeping. They travel and live with people since they sleep a lot and sleep on the same bed. Such behavior makes people the most convenient source of food for pests that cannot fly, jump, or live on their host. 

Health Concerns

Bed bugs cause different symptoms from allergic reactions to itchy bites to severe illness. Recurring bites or skin irritation must be treated by a doctor. Professional inspections must be done on your house to look for such pests and determine the extent of the issue. 

Where Do Bed Bug Hide?

Bed bug control should be carried out by professionals as the bugs can hide in places you cannot easily reach. They can hide behind light switch covers, underneath keyboard keys, inside appliances, in picture frame joints, and between carpet fibers. These bugs do not only hide in bed but also throughout your home. Thus, bed bug treatment is not only focused on treating your bedroom or mattress. Treatment must cover all areas of your house. 

Bed Bug Treatment and Control

Pest control experts use different spray applications like steam and pyrethrums. They will meticulously apply solutions to bed frames, mattress seams, and box springs. In general, they will go around such areas a couple of times to ensure they have detected all bugs. 

Bed frame cracks are quite susceptible and can be home to bed bugs. That is why experts go over each square inch of your bedding and frame. Early treatment reduces the impact on structures. Ideally, early treatment for bugs is vital. Also, treatment at all stages of a bug infestation is important to avoid severe damage. Pest control experts use safe and effective products and equipment to make sure your family can enjoy an environment free of bed bugs. 

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